About «Face2Face»

On Friday on April 15 the “Face to Face” event took place in Vienna. Around one hundred people gathered near U2 Museumsquartier at 5:45 pm. There was a gloomy rainy afternoon, however it seemed like no one noticed the bad weather. A group of all-aged people with different political and religious preferences was staying on the green wet lawn and silently looking at each other. If someone from the outside watched this unusual situation, he would be at least very astonished.

«Face to Face» — this is how the event is officially called. Its debut in Vienna was on October 15 in 2015, in the context of the world’s biggest eye contact experiments, which were organized by Liberators International. Cornelia Böhm asked many people to come on Stephansplatz and to stand face to face with strangers, looking in their eyes for a minute or more. They say the heart’s letter is read in the eyes. With the help of this creative project organizers wanted to establish, where the human connection has gone. “We look at each other’s eyes and keep silence, until it is comfortable for both of us”, — says one of the creators of this event on his Facebook page.

These so-called flashmobes were made to give people an opportunity to feel love and humanity, which are often hidden behind the difference of opinions and negative emotions. We are all connected with one another, the issue is just to learn to see it. One-minute silence and eye contact with the other person can remind us about it. People were laughing, smiling, crying or just thinking in front of each other. The whole spectrum of emotions was there. Everyone was fully dressed, however at the same time emotionally naked. When someone looks straight at your eyes – it’s impossible to hide. While watching each other, people didn’t think about clothes, make up or the color of skin, they were concentrated on the personality, on the soul and heart.

At the end of the Face to Face all people gathered in the circle. They were holding by the hands with the eyes closed and then clapped to each other and to themselves. „It was something special“, – wrote participants their impressions after all. Absolutely no one stayed indifferent. Passing people took photos and videos of the event, members told “Thank you” to the organizers. After such projects, you start thinking that this world can actually survive.





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